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Cash advance lenders attract new customers

What Drove Cash Advance Loans Into Middle-Income Earner Households?

The struggle to find emergency money has helped to evolve the cash advance industry into a booming business. Direct lenders began to stretch their customer base by offering online loans. They didn’t stop there. New terms and conditions to blend a short-term loan with installment loans reached out to even more new customers. The drive to improve service continues.  An industry that had once focused on low-income customers now set their sights on helping all credit challenged people. Cash advance companies had help. The surge of credit card use in the … Continue reading

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Online payroll advance lenders set qualification standards

What Does It Take To Qualify For A Payroll Advance Loan?

As the online payday loan business grows, borrowers are finding more and more money options to access quick cash. Pawnshops and car title loans have joined the online business as well. It doesn’t take much to find a company wanting to help. When working with responsible lenders of any kind, there will be specific qualifications which must be met in order to approve a loan application. Pawn brokers and title lenders will base their approval and loan amount on the value of the property, a payroll advance lender will look … Continue reading

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Payday Loan Lenders Direct Online Service Will Clarify Fees

When connecting to payday loan lenders direct either through a website application, email or by phone, finding one with great customer service is important. The human link between the borrower and the actual lending company is a key ingredient to a successful loan transaction. When you are seeking to find the best direct payday loan lender, why wouldn’t you make contact with the company? One good reason is that maybe you have already used their services in the past. When a company provided good service, there is no need to change it. … Continue reading

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