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how it works

Unlike a bank, credit card or traditional loan, a payday loan can be obtained easily. At Spotya Cash Advance Service, we make the application process fast and easy by connecting you to our direct lender partner, Payday Loan Pros. Our goal is to service your safe and secure, easy access on-line application experience to get you the money you need quickly. In most cases, if you apply today, you’ll have your money tomorrow. The requirements for a Payday Loan Pros payday loan are simple. There are no credit checks, no cumbersome forms to fill out. In less than 5 minutes, you can apply and receive an answer shortly thereafter. If for some chance our partner, PDL Pros, does not service your loan, will continue the search for a direct lender for you.

Yet, in most cases, our partner’s fees are competitive for most state limits. Payday Loan Pros we provide an affordable short-term alternative, when those unexpected emergencies arise.

PDL Pros requirements are simple. You must earn in excess of $1,400 monthly, you must have an active bank account and your regular payroll must be direct-deposited into that account. Upon preliminary approval, we’ll request you fax or email a recent copy of your bank statement which indicates these requirements are met.

Your application will be strictly confidential and once your information is verified through the qualification process you’ll be contacted by one of the customer service representatives to arrange the funding.

In some cases, applicants may not meet PDL Pros standards. But don’t give up. With your permission, Spotya will forward your application to other payday lenders who may have less stringent requirements. The application process is entirely transparent. The terms of the payday ¬†loans are easily understood and ¬†fees are competitive in the short-term loan industry. The entire process is safe and secure.

  1. Complete the online questionnaire
  2. Upon our confirmation fax or email a recent bank statement
  3. Accept our approval and receive your loan

Arranging your payday loan is never complicated. At Spotya, “We’ve got you covered.”