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Is An Online Cash Advance Right For You?

Today’s society has fallen into the blame game syndrome. It seems that many people are making numerous claims against online cash advance companies to defer the blame to somewhere else. The financial industry is full of lenders and borrowers pointing the finger at someone else. We have foreclosures and bankruptcies galore, and reports of businesses losing revenue promoting store closings. And let’s not forget the everyday people crying out for health insurance and help with debt relief. When it comes to taking responsibility for these issues, each person or company … Continue reading

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medical debt

Medical Debt: Should I Use a Payday Loan to Pay it Off

Medical debt is increasing as the population continues to remain uninsured and underinsured. On the same note, the cost of medical procedures, maintenance programs and prescriptions are weighing heavily on many people’s finances. Understand that not paying your medical debt will only get you into a troubling financial situation. Should I take out an online payday loan to pay off my debt? Firstly, there are some options, so you might want to consider these ideas. Moreover, here are some ways that could help you out of debt and on financial … Continue reading

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Credit Score: Assessing the Damage to Better Your Financial Situation

There is so much talk when it comes to credit scores and how they affect your financial situation. When you have a good score, you are more likely to get that loan you need, but the probability goes down when your credit score is low. Funding from banks has had tighter standards since more people have been defaulting on their loans. High debt to income ratio can also prevent you from receiving approval, even with a high credit score.  Raising Your Credit Score Applications for loans are more scrutinized than … Continue reading

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Getting out of Credit Card or Payday Loan Debt

Can I get out of credit card debt? How about payday loan debt? Regardless of where it’s coming from, debt is debt. It would be best if you climbed out of that drowning situation before it takes you to places of no return. How to Get Out of Payday Loan Debt Yes, you can get out of credit card or payday loan debt. It is so easy to get into credit card debt and it is difficult to get out of payday loan debt. BUT, it isn’t impossible. To get … Continue reading

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Online Cash Advances From Responsible Lenders

Online Cash Advances do help when you are in need for some fast money. Many good people who go through money struggles end up paying for them for seven years. That is the timeline for bad marks to fall off of your credit history. During this time, it can be a struggle to get an increased credit limit on a credit card without risking a rise in your interest. Adding to your debt to income ratio ( which is one-third of your credit score) will also cause future lending problems. … Continue reading

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One Simple Idea to Help with Debt

Who needs help with debt? It seems like I can’t ever get ahead of my finances. I keep getting behind, and some other expense comes up. Who’s sick of those dreaded credit card payments? Tired of being behind every month? Who’s ready to get ahead and take charge? Sometimes to help with debt, you need to consider a payday loan. Before you apply, think about it and make sure it makes financial sense.  Admit That You Need Help With Debt All we have to do is understand one idea: KEEP THINGS … Continue reading

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Bank Payday Loans Avoid Online Payday Loans Regulations

When needing some fast money to help out with bills or emergency costs, many people choose  online payday loans as a quick solution to their money problem. When used appropriately, these types of short-term loans work well to help protect the customer’s budgeted expenses. These loans are infamous for their fees and high annual interest rates. States which allow these lending practices are have regulated the amounts on fees, interest rates and the capped the loan amount as well. The states believe that with these practices in place, the customer … Continue reading

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An Online Cash Advance Or A Savings Account Both Help With Emergency Costs

Responsible borrowing is definitely challenging when there are bills to be paid. Finding a short-term solution like applying for an online cash advance may seem to bring some relief into your budget, but not usually for long. These types of short-term loans will need to be paid back with your next paycheck. This proves to be a struggle for many and instead of working at getting yourself out of debt, the debt continues to grow. Climbing out of debt is not easy. It is a long process which takes lots … Continue reading

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Online Cash Advances Or From A Credit Card?

How many people actually read the fine print for credit card terms and policies? Credit cards market their cash advances in similar ways as online cash advance for quick cash would approach the subject. They are both opportunities for someone to get money in a short period of time without having to drive to a “brick and mortar” location. There are some distinct differences between the two which some people find confusing and direct them in the wrong direction for their particular financial situation. Credit card cash advances: This fast … Continue reading

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Military Personnel Debt Is An Exception To Most Rules

Military personnel have the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA) to help protect them when debt becomes troublesome. This act is an improvement from the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Civil Relief Act (SSCRA) which helps a member of the military with debt accrued prior to being in the service. Individuals who are currently enrolled in the service do not always have the time or the resources to effectively plan to relieve themselves of debt. New debt relief benefits for members who are active in the military are: Eviction protection for those personnel … Continue reading

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