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FBI won't collect payday loans debt

Payday Loans Online Alert – No FBI Bill Collectors Here

It wouldn’t be breaking news to hear about a new way people are trying to scam fast payday loans online customers. From individuals, teams spread across the world or actual dishonest lenders, there are money scams to be found everywhere. By no means are they exclusive to the short-term industry. The latest in fake collection calls does target those in debt. Pay close attention to the details in order to avoid getting caught in the scam yourself. Know your debt situation. If you actually have an outstanding payday loan you will need … Continue reading

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Can't point at payday loans only

Pointing All Blame Towards Payday Loans Is Unfair

There are many reports of people who seek payday loans help when their finances are in disarray. They are in hopes that a small loan will make everything better, but most often it does not. A payday loan is not enough money to solve any debt crisis. It is just enough to handle a small emergency or take care of a few unexpected bills. When using this alternative money solution, it is important to calculate the fees and fit them into your budget so your next paycheck is prepared to handle the … Continue reading

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Some banks pulling out of payday loan offers

Payday Loans: Banks Start to Change Their Minds

Since fast cash payday loans are used by many credit challenged borrowers, the concept was adopted by some banks and credit unions. These financial institutions set up their own short-term payday loan versions to help customers themselves. It made sense for many customers to use their own bank since there was already a trusted relationship. With all the negative reports towards direct payday lenders, it made sense to keep their money solutions all in one. Unfortunately, these loans ended up being problematic for many borrowers anyway. For starters, because bankers … Continue reading

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call for best payday loans

Payday Loans Work When Done Right

The fast cash payday loans are one of the easiest ways to get money in the bank when other options are no longer available. When bad credit scores limit typical solutions, the no credit bureau check loans work great in a pinch. Payday loans offer a very convenient money solution…when used smartly. If you are one of those borrowers who only look for the immediate money solution and never consider the end result, you may end up dealing with overwhelming budget problems. Borrowing money should be a well-thought out process in order … Continue reading

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payday loan addicts chew their cash

Keep A Payday Loan From Eating Your Cash

Have you used enough direct payday loans in the past to consider yourself addicted to them? You may not have the urge to apply for them every day, but when the going gets tough, is it programmed in you to automatically apply for a short-term loan? When people have poor credit scores and have received enough rejection letters from creditors, they tend to find an alternative source of help. Payday loans have helped millions of customers get out of a money crunch. If your budget is consistently short on cash, … Continue reading

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payday loans are short-term loans

Payday Loans and Credit Card Debt: Who Is Controlling What?

Where does your money go? Paycheck comes in and bill payments go out. Who is in control? Most folks would like to say that they are in charge of their money, but if they do not know where their paycheck went, that idea might just be wrong. Do you know what you use your credit cards for? Do you know how much you owe towards them? How many short-term payday loans have you used to get by throughout the last year? If you are one of the many who are … Continue reading

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Payday Loans when there is no savings

Payday Loans Cover Emergencies When Savings Accounts Don’t Exist

Saving money for future emergency needs is one of the leading ways to support a good credit score. It helps to have money set aside so credit cards do not have to max out during a financial crunch. When credit cards are full many people will turn to online payday loans in order to get through the crisis. If there was a savings account, there would be no reason to turn to third party money to support the cost. Too bad saving money is not an easier task. One of … Continue reading

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payday loans breathe new life into a budget

Does Your Financial Future Consist of Payday Loans and Credit Card Debt?

Have you started thinking about how you will change your finances for the better next year? Lots of resolutions are dissolved about as fast as they start. Straightening out money problems is a good promise to make; especially when tax returns loom on the horizon. Getting a refund check offers lots of hope to those who overspent their holiday budget or have not recovered from on-going debt troubles. Could your financial future be free of online payday loans and maxed out credit cards? Depending on your new approach towards improving … Continue reading

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payday loans are similar

Payday Loans: Regulators Now Looking at Banks and Credit Unions

It doesn’t surprise anyone to read a story about crack downs on fast payday loans both brick ‘n mortar and online. What might come as a shock is that your neighborhood bank is now the focus of the latest short-term loan crack down. As of November 21, banks and credit unions have had regulators in their short-term loan business practices. Banks and credit unions will now have to disclose the APR associated with fast cash loans. Prior to this they had been getting away without having to disclose the staggering … Continue reading

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