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Payday Loans: Regulators Now Looking at Banks and Credit Unions

It doesn’t surprise anyone to read a story about crack downs on fast payday loans both brick ‘n mortar and online. What might come as a shock is that your neighborhood bank is now the focus of the latest short-term loan crack down. As of November 21, banks and credit unions have had regulators in their short-term loan business practices. Banks and credit unions will now have to disclose the APR associated with fast cash loans. Prior to this they had been getting away without having to disclose the staggering … Continue reading

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Low Fee Payday Loan Is Paid Off On A Road To Financial Independence

If you are looking for financial independence you won’t be searching for a best low fee payday loan or applying for additional credit. With major debt loads interfering with affording living expenses, it is not a surprise that debtors are trying to decrease the amount of debt carried month to month. Identify your debt problems whether from too many low fee payday loans or credit cards. Long-term debt such as home mortgages, car loans and credit cards make up a large percentage of total debt. Those with student loans in addition to … Continue reading

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