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No Credit Bureau Check Cash Advance Loans: Not Marketing Pre-Approval Status

A no credit bureau check cash advance company will not track you down through an email or letter offering instant pre-approval status, but a credit card company would. There has big a rise in this practice as consumers are eager to have a stab at new credit.

No credit check cash advance loans won’t qualify a loan based on credit score

For those consumers who have stopped applying for credit card offers due to credit score status, an invitation with pre-approved status will seem like a dream. It’s a great marketing term for credit card companies to increase business, but it does not protect the consumers at all. A no credit bureau check cash advance loan’s pre-approval will only move a candidate’s application to the next step of verification. there is not email offering pre-approved status. These direct lenders would be harassed for being predatory.

When a direct lender puts an application in pre-approval status, it means that the answer will be coming soon. If the loan is approved, the terms and conditions will follow. If the loan is denied, a good lender will explain why. There is no harm or foul to trying, except if you apply with a direct lender who charges to look at your application. Make sure you find out if the applications are free, this way there is no loss on your part.

Credit card companies will not charge to look at your application. They encourage consumers to apply by sending the invitation. What they don’t encourage is a full understanding what kind of offer it is before it’s too late.

  • Read the fine print. Oftentimes these offers broadcast a low interest rate (most often an introductory one). The big bold low rate on the envelope does not promise that is what you will be approved for. It also doesn’t promise approval. 
  • Your pre-approval status can still land you a rejection letter, but with a new hard inquiry on your credit history. You will receive a letter in a few weeks explaining why, but it won’t repair the damage done. Pre-approval is a great gimmick to encourage consumers to take a bite of the bait.
  • The low rates will often increase in a short period of time. Look in the small print for the introductory period. Once that time is up, a much higher rate often replaces it. Whatever balance was created during that time period will now be charged much higher interest each month.

Unlike no credit bureau check advance loans that do nothing to interfere with credit score or utilization rate, these offers can bring more negative impact to a person’s finances. If you are carefully watching your credit score, you will want to make sure you understand how accepting this offer can potentially affect your credit further. Remember, accepting the offer does not mean you will be approved.

  • A hard inquiry to credit history takes points off the score.
  • An additional line of credit and future charges will affect the credit utilization rate.
  • If money management is your problem in the first place, how will this new line of credit affect other budgeted payments?

Just because a financial opportunity seems simple it doesn’t mean that it will be easy. Pay close attention to any credit card offer you receive. Pay close attention to any financial opportunity. Read all terms and conditions closely for either creditors or no credit bureau check cash advance lenders.

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