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A “Green Dot” Warns Paycheck Advance Applicants to Beware of Fraud

In some instances, the color green does not symbolize ‘go’. If you have ever taken out a fast cash advance or read about standard practices for the short-term paycheck advance loan industry, knowing the basic process is helpful. The basic lending practices will not vary much from lender to lender. Distinct differences are found in the value of interest rates, fees and customer qualification standards. What never changes is the illegal factor in having to pay upfront fees or processing costs. If you hear or read a request from a … Continue reading

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Get out of the paycheck advance loans cycle

Paycheck Advance Loans Troubles: Correct First With Debt Payoff Plan

Applicants approach paycheck advance loans lenders when their bank accounts are overextended. Some people spend more than they can afford to pay back and the bills interfere with regular scheduled costs. The debt situation in America continues to grow and there is no easy answer in sight. There has to be a lot of effort placed into paying down debt. Is there value to cutting back on some of your lifestyle luxuries in order to get control back over your income? Debt left out will eventually control the direction of your … Continue reading

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use paycheck loans as emergency money

Paycheck Advance Loans and Credit Cards Won’t Support Your Budget Forever

It isn’t always easy to get out of a rough financial spot without having something go wrong. You want on-time payments yet can’t get past the overwhelming demand on your income. A typical escape route to take is to charge or use best paycheck advance loans to balance out the demand. The third party money option will get those bills out on time, keep your bank account from drowning and will give you the false sense of security that your budget will be just fine. Those secure feelings will begin to unravel … Continue reading

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Paycheck Advance Loans paid off with garage sales

Paycheck Advance Loans: Plan A Great Garage Sale to Pay It Off On-Time

If you are trying to pay off any outstanding fast cash paycheck advance loans and you are having trouble coming up with the cash to do so, don’t give up. Turning your back or ignoring a short-term loan is just as financially dangerous as defaulting on credit card debt. No credit check loans are not typically reported as part of your credit history, default ones that get sold to collections will. It is very important to develop a payoff plan when you take out a fast cash advance. Paycheck advance loans … Continue reading

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