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Stop using predatory cash advance lenders

Quick Study Shows How Bad Some Cash Advance Lenders Can Be

Why would a cash advance lender care about how many other short-term loans an applicant was currently paying for? They don’t care about credit card debt, car payments or a house mortgage and if they did, there would be a credit check. There isn’t one. It is a saving grace to credit challenged customers. Do payday lenders even care if a customer uses other direct lenders? Some do. There was a study done in England to find out whether or not payday companies would approve a loan with several others … Continue reading

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payday loans online

A “Green Dot” Warns Paycheck Advance Applicants to Beware of Fraud

In some instances, the color green does not symbolize ‘go’. If you have ever taken out a fast cash advance or read about standard practices for the short-term paycheck advance loan industry, knowing the basic process is helpful. The basic lending practices will not vary much from lender to lender. Distinct differences are found in the value of interest rates, fees and customer qualification standards. What never changes is the illegal factor in having to pay upfront fees or processing costs. If you hear or read a request from a … Continue reading

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Do a good job to find cash advance lenders online

How Do you Recognize Good Cash Advance Lenders Online?

With numerous reports on how to spot a bad direct lender, it is just as important for customers to be able to pick out the best cash advance lenders online. Search results are pages long and all the lenders are mixed together. You will find local storefront options and numerous online companies all with the best service to suit your emergency needs. Because these small short-term loans are only used occasionally, it is important for each lender to attract a searching eye to their corner. How does a potential applicant … Continue reading

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Direct Lender Payday Loans: A Great Emergency Number To Have On Hand

When looking for a direct lender payday loans online, you will want to set aside some time to do your research. Trying to find a best direct lender when in the middle of a financial crunch may only result in rash decisions. Choose direct lender payday loans carefully. Be prepared for conflicting advertisements from payday loans lenders. Every company is pushing their loans as the best service. Some direct lenders will even disregard state lending laws in order to bring in more customers. Choosing a lender on the fly is putting your money at … Continue reading

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