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payday loan online

5 Questions to Ask Before You Try for a Payday Loan

Being able to apply for an online payday loan advance and pay it back properly are two different stepping stones. Not everyone gets approved for the fast cash loans. With that said, it is also true that not everyone who gets a loan can actually pay it back on time. The added cost to loan extensions is often cost effective in comparison to what not borrowing would accomplish. Most of the time, this cost only increases financial problems. It is very important that you ask yourself some important questions before you apply. … Continue reading

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payday loans online

A “Green Dot” Warns Paycheck Advance Applicants to Beware of Fraud

In some instances, the color green does not symbolize ‘go’. If you have ever taken out a fast cash advance or read about standard practices for the short-term paycheck advance loan industry, knowing the basic process is helpful. The basic lending practices will not vary much from lender to lender. Distinct differences are found in the value of interest rates, fees and customer qualification standards. What never changes is the illegal factor in having to pay upfront fees or processing costs. If you hear or read a request from a … Continue reading

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Payroll Advance Can Help Lighten The Calendar Load

Have you ever needed a low fee payroll advance loan and knew about it ahead of time? This situation clearly states the financial situation I am in now. It is all about timing, and the due dates for my regular bills are not cooperating with my monthly paydays. I noticed the problem early on last week. My bills are split up between my two monthly paychecks. This process helps keep my accountable for budgeted costs. I enjoy the ease of online banking in order to schedule my bill payments. It happened, as it does … Continue reading

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