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A direct payday loan lenders next client?

Direct Payday Loan Lenders: Potential Mistake Sends UK Lender Backlash

It is common knowledge to those who pay attention to online direct payday loan lenders in the UK that there is not much positive to write about. Too many stories published concerning over the top interest rates, the lack of regulation and predatory practices. In recent news findings, the major UK lending company, Wonga, has once again crossed the threshold of poor practices. With regulations laws in the works by the UK government, these lenders continue to find creative ways to bring in new clients. Are direct payday loan lenders … Continue reading

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Direct Payday Loan: Contact Customers With A Completed Application

A responsible direct payday loan company does not solicit short-term loans. The only way a direct lender should contact a potential customer is if said person recently applied for a short-term loan. There are lending services which will help to find you a lender if your application was rejected by the original company. It is a much faster way of obtaining a loan than having to fill out multiple applications. Direct payday loan companies offer convenient fast cash. Most people who are looking to get a direct online payday loan … Continue reading

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Direct Payday Loan Companies and Creditors Fall Victim As Well

Whether you debt is from a direct payday loan company or a credit card provider, the rules for collections once the debt has been sold off to a collector is the same. Debt collectors have their own set of rules which govern their practices. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act has set specific guidelines as to what are appropriate collection behaviors and those defined as unacceptable and against the law. Just because an individual has debt in default, they do not to deserve to be treated unlawfully. What happens to … Continue reading

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