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Payroll Advance: A Convenience Mark-Up

A fast payroll advance is often connected to overpriced money services. Someone who is looking for a service without checking credit, without a complex application and obtains the money in or less than 24 hours complains that the service is too high priced. The fact there is an option like that, a person who is not credit worthy should be thankful. The idea that it does not take much effort to get a loan from your coach while still in your pajamas will bring additional charges. You pay more for pizza delivered to your doorstep, why would a person not think that fast money delivered to your bank account wouldn’t cost more as well?

People are willing to pay for overpriced items; in fact they do it every day.

  • Take movie theater popcorn for example. Ounce for ounce, how much do you think you are paying for that crunchy snack? Would you still enjoy the taste of it if you knew that the cost is well over a 1200% mark up on grocery store purchase? Do people with credit problems pass up the buttery goodness? Or do they add the cost to their credit card not thinking about the final purchase price once interest is involved?
  • Bought greeting cards lately? Have you noticed that you cannot get the decorated card stock greetings very cheaply? Sure the photo and words cost money, but when reprinted on hundreds of thousands pieces of folded paper, does the final cost really measure out to a $3-$5 price tag? Mark up on these cards can be up to 200%.
  • College textbook costs are blown up. A student could purchase their semester’s books for over a thousand dollars, but get only a few hundred or less when selling them back. Sounds like a car dealership.
  • Do you even know where the water in the bottle comes from? Some bottles come at a price of $3 and with the industry earning almost 10 billion in revenue; you know that people are willing to pay more for what something is worth.
  • Fashion comes at a price. It still may be crafted in a foreign country, but with a flashy brand attached to the pocket, those jeans or whatever else just hiked up in price. ¬†Since when are jeans made in another land worth hundreds of dollars?

How much extra are you willing to spend on a payroll advance?

Whether you are buying clothes, electronics, water or conventional snacks you will be paying more than what the actual item is worth. So when you are in a financial crisis and need extra cash, and you find a safe service to provide the money directly into the bank, isn’t it worth the extra cost? There are many people who use the service who do not fit the stereotypical customer description. They have their reasons and it is worth every penny spent to keep a financial problem from turning into a disaster.

If you have to use the service, you will want to look deeper into your finances in order to prevent paying extra when you didn’t have enough in the first place. If you like the ease of a short-term loan and are willing to pay the extra towards an online payroll advance to obtain the convenient cash, you aren’t the only one.

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