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Payroll Advance Loans May Be Overused, But Are Far From Addictive

Would you compare using a safe payroll advance to an addiction? Do you think that a borrower is sitting on the edge of their chair anxiously waiting for their loan approval in order for them to feel at ease? I am sure the latter would ring true for many. When in a money emergency, there are those desperate enough to feel anxious until they know their loan has been approved, but this feeling is out of a need to solve a problem rather than a addiction. There are too many limitations, regulations and qualifications to create a person enslaved to a short-term loan habit.

Payroll advance loans are emergency money opportunities.

Having an addiction to payroll advances online would be a big waste of money. The fast cash opportunities do carry fees per $100 borrowed. If someone is going to take out a short-term loan just because they had to have it to ease their addiction rather than because there is a purpose for the emergency cash, there would be lots of money wasted. The whole concept of someone taking out loan after loan to feed an addiction has more than money problems.

There are borrowers who depend on short-term loans to get them out of a financial bind when there are too many impending bills to cover. These folks may be reliant on these loans and end up losing extra money which could be used elsewhere, but this reliance is far from what can be determined as an addiction.

There are money problems which are related to addictive behaviors. Underlying emotional problems will feed into shopping addictions or gambling. These activities provide a rush that is very addictive. For those folks who have some sort of spending problem which leads to the overuse of payroll advances online, the underlying problem needs to be addressed in order to prevent budget problems.

If these types of loans are really not an addiction problem, then why would there be a connection made between the two stated in a news article? Some would think that connecting the two would bring even more negative connotations to the fast cash loans. Would you believe an article title which compared loans to addiction? Would you read the article to find out more? Or would you be one of the many who see the two together and it reinforces the negative view in your mind? It would be interesting to know how many of these people with set notions in their head have ever needed to obtain fast cash loans.

For some people, short-term loans have been a bad experience. There are those others who repeat loans as needed that would counter argue that the loans saved their finances. The price of these loans is a cost effective way to stretch the budget without negative effects on their credit history. It is too bad when borrowers have bad experiences with any type of third party money. Secured loans often go bad and possessions are taken away. Just because there are those who do fail and make finances worse after taking out too many payroll advance loans, it doesn’t make them addictive.

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