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Online Payday Lender Perspective: It’s Not All Bad

With all the hype about the impact left on household budgets by fast online payday lenders and creditors, it’s a wonder that people still use them. Since the numbers of new applications flood the companies each day, these companies continue to grow. Studies show the decrease in young adult use of credit cards as they turn to prepaid money cards to fill the void. Every situation is different and individuals will need to protect their bank accounts no matter what choice they make.

Negative stories for all types of third-party money sources are prevalent in the news. There is always some report about a certain company breaking the law, fraudulent companies pretending to be actual lenders, individual tales of default debt, phishing inquiries on the Internet, or how the burden of debt is affecting everyday living. The message to control debt and raise credit scores is prevalent.

Does an online payday lender offer anything good?

If you take a moment and step out of the entire negative perspective, you will find that the services provided by actual honest companies have positive effects as well. Using third-party money is a big relief when income does not support an emergency payment. Responsible online payday lender companies and using credit cards work best in emergency situations. These money options keep money in your bank account in order to cover other scheduled or budgeted costs. Both options bring relief to the current financial crisis while giving a person time to figure out how to pay it off.

How this debt is handled seems to be the real problem surrounding the negative situations. No one ever reported the sad tale of a lender or credit card saving the day. Making good on the emergency payments is not a tale of woe. The trouble begins when debt sits too long and the interest charges keep the payoff out of reach. When a person cannot afford to pay the debt off in full on the original due date, there must be some call to action to get rid of the debt.

Most people assume that it is only the payday lender online loans which cause troubles when interest is added. But if you look at the amounts of household credit card debt that eats away at income levels of all numbers, we cannot deny the facts. Long-term interest hurts no matter where it comes from. When it is not applied to essential debt (homes or cars) a person is only investing their money into a lending company without any return investment.

Interest is commonly less for credit cards than it is for a short-term loan. With the rising rates for creditors, their interest is catching up fast. Once a person has trouble in their credit history, creditors are applying very high rates to people’s accounts. If a person carries a large balance, the debt becomes cumbersome to pay off. An interest rate which skyrockets to almost 30% towards a balance which could potentially be in the thousands of dollars range is in fact a struggle beyond a the short-term loan with similar interest towards a balance of a few hundred dollars.

If you are going to use third-party money, use it responsibly. Make a plan to pay off debt within the first pay period. If you don’t, the debt will build eventually take control of your budget. ¬†Emergency needs are tough to plan for but if you focus on building a savings for the ‘what if ‘ situations, you may not need to rely on other money to solve financial problems. If you do need to apply to a payday lender or use your revolving credit account then you will want to have an immediate plan of action to rid the debt as soon as possible.

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