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Online Cash Advances: Say Thanks, Pay It Off and Move Forward

Say thank you to the online cash advance and move on

Living paycheck to paycheck? Wondering when safe online cash advances will not be your only place to go for financial help? Wondering what happened to your finances and why? If you are looking to get your money management back on track, you will want to find out where you went wrong, correct it and make a plan to improve from there. There is no use crying over spilled milk and there is no use dwelling over money that slipped away. Focus on learning from past mistakes to build a better financial future.

The best way to start changing is to get organized. Not only will you be making your current finances more manageable you will untangle your future money from past mistakes.

Debt is one of the biggest haunts of our past. You can look at it as the steps it took you to where you are now, or just dwell on the work that it will take to clear it. Take the more positive approach and tackle it with thankfulness. Pay down the debt according to an organized plan supported by a very strict budget plan. It may not give you much freedom to indulge in wants, but it will clear up your future to do so.

Online cash advances were your friend once respect the process and pay the debt.

Find motivators to fuel your dedication to stick to the plan. Every time a bill is paid off plan a small reward for yourself.  Think how free your budget will feel once you get your online cash advance loan paid off. You may never need to use the alternative money that once kept your budget on track. As useful as it was to have that option, you now see how much more money you will have to yourself when you no longer need the fast cash. Say ‘thanks for helping’, appreciate what it did for you and don’t dwell on the debt it caused. Remind yourself that this direct lender was there for you when no other would help. Direct online cash advances were there for your emergency needs and would be again, but with your financial plan going strong you probably will not ever need to use it again. That’s a great motivator to stick to your recovery plan.

Once you have paid your respects to short-term loan debt it is time to move to credit cards. These are not as easy to say farewell to because this type of debt is used to promote credit score health. What you need to work on is figuring out how you can use credit cards and manage the debt successfully. Before you allow yourself to begin using the cards again, the debt needs to fall into a manageable zone. Target your total credit card debt between 20% and 30% of your limit. If you can pay it all off, even better. The trick to credit cards is to keep it under 30%, but paid off balances save you money. One of the biggest issues with debt beyond debt totals is the interest applied to each account that eats away at your income. Those “affordable monthly payments” are mostly interest. Long-term debt may seem like a friend, but it does not support budget health.

As you find yourself clearing away debt, you will see how much money you truly have to spend on you. It is important to use credit cards to maintain credit health, but do so in a way that you can easily payoff. Dedicate one card a month to pay for a tank of gas or a trip to the grocery store. This is money you would have spent anyway. At the end of the month, pay it off in full. After a few months, switch cards and do the same. Rotating cards throughout the year will keep your credit score strong. Remind yourself how easy it is to fall into debt when cards are used beyond credit maintenance or emergencies. Use your struggle to get out of debt as a focus point to keep you from falling back into the old routine of using credit cards for more. Learn from your past money management mistakes and build a better future.


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