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How Do I Get A Cash Advance When Your Credit Is Bad?

For those of you wondering, “How do I get a cash advance?” you may never have heard of the short-term loan option of online cash advances. The online banking world has opened up a wave of opportunities for people struggling to get fast cash.

The question is no longer “How do I get a cash advance?” but rather “When?”

The promise of fast cash can bring a whole lot of relief to a person in a financial emergency. “How do I get a fast cash advance into my bank account?” sends many online applicants scurrying to the web. Not only are these short-term loans easy to obtain, but the convenience of the online application saves the embarrassment of heading out to a brick and mortar.

Besides the ease of the application, these no credit bureau check loans work wonders for people who have already suffered from financial trouble. Many people will not have access to new credit cards when credit is bad. These direct lenders will not seek out a credit score for approval, but rather want to verify bank information and qualifying monthly income. A good lender will only loan a certain percentage of what the applicant earns each month. With fees for every $100 borrowed and high interest for unpaid balance figured in, it is best practices used to protect the borrower. Since the high interest loan is also risky for the lender, a good lender will want to protect their company as well.

How fast you get your money does not depend on your credit. The loan application does not sit on the desk for further review when no credit bureau checks are done. Everybody is on the same playing field. How you can get a cash advance will depend on:

  • What state you live in – some states regulate the loans while others ban it altogether.
  • Employment – Steady income is a must
  • Monthly take home income – your next paycheck will need to support the full payoff.
  • Bank account in good standing – no credit bureau check loans will look into how well you maintain the account including direct deposits.
  • Your cash advance/payday loan history – if you have other loans out it may prevent you from obtaining another. If you have defaulted on a direct lender in the recent past, this too may disqualify you.

If you are truly in the need for fast cash, you will want to fill out the application completely and honestly. If you lie on the application, you are only setting yourself up for more money problems. These loan managers are trained to protect both company and borrower. The lender does not want to lose money nor do they want to see customers fail further into debt problems.

Good people fall into bad money problems. Bad credit is not necessarily the result of poor money management, but rather unforeseen circumstances. These direct lenders take this information into account and make short-term loans available to customers without knowing their credit score.

Don’t worry about your credit score when you fill out the application. How you can get a quick cash advance is by applying for one, simple as that.


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