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Morgan City, LA Cash Advance

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Morgan City has a population of 12,700 people. Morgan City is perched on the banks of the Atchafalaya River and was once known as Tiger Island, because of big cats that were seen in the area. After several name changes, Morgan City was named after Charles Morgan, a local area man who originally dredged the Atchafalaya canal to open it up for steamships and other ships. Morgan City hosts the annual Louisiana Shrimp and Petroleum Festival. The slogan for Morgan City is, “Right in the Middle of Everywhere”. Because of its location, Morgan City has everything to offer its residents. It has museums, a rich history full of culture, fine Cajun dining and shopping, trade, and many interesting sights for the residents and visitors alike. Morgan City is also the center for shrimping and petroleum trades out of the Gulf of Mexico.

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