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Merced, CA Payday Loan

Balancing the checkbook can be a daunting chore. But, when disaster strikes, all the clever accounting tricks in the world won’t make money magically appear. For those times of dire need for cash, there is Spotya! Spotya! Payday Loan specializes in speedy payday advance needs here in Merced. With a 100% confidential application, Spotya! can get you a loan overnight. If you’re working and you’re checks are direct deposited, we can “spotya” the quick cash money you need. There is no guess work with Spotya! We work hard to get your online payday loan, so you can take it easy.

Turning Finances Around with Fast Payday Loans

Lovely Merced is home to UCM (University of California Merced). With a continually growing population, Merced provides something for everyone. Recreation in Merced can take place at the Applegate Park or zoo, one of the creeks, or the local skate park. Merced has a thriving downtown which includes a stage theatre and Merced Mall. Merced still has the look and feel of a quiet town, although recent progressive moves and the addition of UC Merced is rapidly helping this change.


The help you can get from Spotya! is a true value. We don’t complicate the online payday loan process with a series of long forms or a credit check. Spotya! firmly believes a payday advance should be easy. In Merced and in need of online payday loan cash? Then you need to check out Spotya!