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Online Payday Lender Does Not Fit Into A Best Friend Relationship

Online payday lender relationship

The best online payday lender may be your best friend when money problems come along, but then turn into your worst enemy when the payoff comes around in just a few short weeks. People do have a love/hate relationship with money. If you look at your money as a relationship, how do you make it through the both good and bad times?

There are some people who live in this world seeking to be carefree of money restraints. In other words, they don’t stress. If the money is there, great. If not, no worries…it will come. It may be safe to say that these kinds of people do not depend on third party money to make life an adventure.

There are many people who treat payday online lenders and creditors as acquaintances. These money options have been met but are not part of the close friend’s out club. If the gang is out and about and runs into one of these creditors at a favorite store, they may interact or just wave their hands and smile. The interpretation of this money friendship looks like someone who wants to make a purchase which is not part of the budget. Sometimes the transaction my happen while other times the thought passes and money management pushes third party money back into the distance.

Some money options are treated as part of the group. They are used often, but not co-dependent. They may want to go out every night, but not always available.  Maybe this has to do with credit limits being pushed to the limit or maybe just good ole smart money management choices. Carrying too much debt around at once is not a positive influence on money matters, but knowing the credit cards or fast payday loan lenders are only a phone call or click away makes you feel comfortable, just in case you need them.

Other relationships with borrowed money are nothing but a dependent relationship. Monthly costs cannot be made without them. The lenders are loved because it is the person’s only current hop to make ends meet. They are in return hated as the expense to use this money is too expensive once payday comes. Let’s face it; those people who rely on borrowed money do so because they cannot afford their expenses. Once this money has been used and the next event is payment, the love begins to dwindle into hate. Regular expenses were not afforded, how will the interest on this money filter into the wrecked budget?

What is your relationship with money? As friends coma and go so does cash. Do you put effort into your relationship or do you expect that if it was meant to be it will all fall into place as needed? Some people pray for financial relief while others would only hope for the best. Like any other type of relationship, whether true friends or with actual money, there needs to have effort placed into making it a positive experience. Long-term relationships require more effort.  Keep it simple and make it positive so you do not fall into a dependent relationship with credit cards or direct online payday loan lenders.

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