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Online Cash Advance: Is There A Gender Preference?


According to the PEW study, women are more likely to turn to online cash advance applications in order to get their finances straight rather than men. From a quick glance, a person may interpret this as women being less responsible with money than their man counterpart.  You can’t say it isn’t completely true as there are women who are pretty bad with finances; but if we are honest, there are men who are just as bad.

Households often split up the responsibilities. In some households one person will be in charge male or female, while in others the financial job is split or shared. Unless both parties have the same philosophy towards money, there may be some contention in how to handle solutions.

Since women tend to spend more with groceries and children’s needs they seem to have more impact on the household budget. Even if the man is in control of paying the bills on time, a woman plays an important role in keeping money in the account. This isn’t the truth for all households as everyone splits up duties different, but it is safe to say that women tend to have a more day to day role in financial matters.

What would make a woman apply for an online cash advance more often than men?

Daily spending is often the cause of an unbalanced budget. It’s the little daily things that tend to add up and interfere with a fixed budget expense. Women who do most of the shopping will know when they spent too much at the grocery store or had to restock the pantry to know that there may be trouble brewing before the next payday. She may opt to obtain a cash advance online loan rather than see overdraft and NSF fees show up when the scheduled bill goes through on time.

Some women hold off on that application and discuss other solutions with their partner. Two heads are better than one when it comes to strategizing money solutions. Others would never make the extra purchase until speaking to their partner.

It is difficult to try to come up with a reason why there are more women using the short-term cash online loans to keep their budgets on track. Would it be safe to say that you could say the same with credit card usage as well? Everybody’s situation is different yet a woman’s role in the household is often running the everyday mechanics and sends them back and forth to the store often.

Oftentimes, men tend to trust their partners and won’t get in the middle of their doings unless the subject is brought to their attention or the problem is already in full swing and they are forced to come up with a solution quickly. This could relate as to why they tend to use the online cash option less often than their women counterparts.

No matter who is applying for a cash advance online loan, what does matter is that they are handled correctly. Better yet, handle them together so everybody involved understands where financial issues stand.


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