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Direct Cash Advance Lenders: Credit Not An Interest Factor

Fast direct cash advance lenders hold a reputation for charging over the top interest rates. There are even complaints that creditors charge just as much as the average short-term loan rate and sometimes more. Your money management skills are watched closely by creditors looking for reasons to inflate the going interest rate. Are you aware of what interest rates you are paying towards third party money costs?

Creditors will send pre-approval letters to potential customers, hoping that a certain percentage of them will apply for the card and be approved. For those who don’t know this yet, a pre-approval letter does not mean you are promised a new line of credit. What it does promise is a hard inquiry into your credit. Are your finances strong enough to recover from new creditors leaving their mark?

Direct cash advance lenders may have high interest, but it doesn’t change during the term of the loan.

Your credit card could have started out as one of the low APR introduction rates. Once the introductory period expires, the interest rate jumps up according to your credit score standing. If you are carrying a balance at the time the rate changes, your past purchases will now be charged the higher rate. There are some creditors that carry a ‘bad credit’ interest rate of 29.99% which is higher than many direct cash advance online lenders‘ rates. Rates go up much faster than they come down. It may take months and months of phone calls requesting interest to be dropped only to continue to hear that lack of creditworthiness would not support the drop. Creditors no longer only look at your history with their company, how you perform across the financial board is under scrutiny for credit checks.

No credit check cash advance lenders see the results. There are many lenders who charge less than the top credit card amounts. Once a person realizes that they fall into that non-creditworthy status, there tends to be a natural transition towards the short-term loan industry. Once non-creditworthiness has filtered into your account, your options are limited. Where else can you go for a chink of fast money? At least the responsible direct lenders will not increase your interest rate while you are paying off the original loan.

It is very important to understand the charges you receive for the debt you carry. Some credit cards place the current interest rates on the aback page of the credit statement. It may take you a few minutes to find it, but it is worth the discovery. Make the high interest cards a priority to payoff and refrain from using them save a small cost every now and then in order to keep the activity current. In order to get the interest rate lowered, it will take long term dedication to on time payments and decreasing debt totals.

When it comes to short-term loans, in order to obtain low interest loans, you will have to do your shopping. That’s right, go shopping for your money. Check out different lenders and compare prices to their quality of service. Your bank account is at risk. Put the effort into finding a responsible direct cash advance lender in order to safeguard your money.



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