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Cash advance suited for emergency use

“Julie” is a divorced mother of two who works 2 full time jobs to support her family. She’s had a rough “go” of it, not easy to raise a family alone, especially these days. There were times when the money coming in was less than what needed to be paid, for example, the instance where Julie’s son Bobby fractured his arm, and Julie not only missed work for the resulting surgery but was responsible for the emergency room co-pay. The following month the credit card bill was late because Julie had to make a choice between paying the bill and feeding her family, as a result, her credit is less than perfect. Nevertheless, Julie, with careful budgeting has managed to keep her head above water, and is very close to her goal of financial stability. Smooth sailing ahead, or so she thinks, until the day her 6-year old car buckled under the pressure, suffering a serious and costly malfunction, and requiring a costly repair that Julie cannot afford until payday, 2 weeks away. Without her car, Julie cannot work, without work; she has no income and cannot support her family. With no family to turn to and a credit history insufficient for a loan of a traditional nature, Julie’s in a panic. It’s an unfair and vicious cycle.
At the other side of the country we find “Jonathan”, –a freewheeling and happy spirit! As a result of carefully saving his pay from his first part-time job as well as his current full-time job which he’s had for a year now, Jon’s just moved from his parents place and he and his buddies have just gotten their first place together. To date, Jon’s got no real credit history; he’s just figured it’s something that will come in time. This first taste of “grown-up” independence is heady stuff! Even with working and night classes at the local community college, there’s plenty of hang time with his new room-mates. There is still time for parties and life is all good in Jon’s eyes, that is, until the payday Friday when he discovers his paycheck is a week short due to a payroll error. Although he immediately notified his employer, he will not receive the shorted funds until next payday, which is two weeks away. This would not normally be a problem, except rent is due next Monday. Jon has not a clue what to do or where to turn. He can’t ask his parents, his mother’s been ill recently, his employer does not have an emergency assistance program, he has no credit and no access to a bank loan, and if he could qualify he would not have funds in hand in time to help. He knows his roommates cannot scrape up an extra share, what’s a guy to do?
Both Julie and Jonathan are experiencing a predicament that’s becoming all too common in today’s unstable times. Both caught unaware and off guard by an unexpected need for immediate cash, and if they don’t have access to that cash, it will adversely affect their lives in a big way. Julie could lose her job and the means to support her family, and Jonathan faces the prospect of losing his apartment and having to move back home. Neither one qualifies for a traditional loan; no traditional lender is going to touch them, even although they have the means to pay back the loan as soon as their next payday. Where do they turn in times of need?
A reputable cash advance provider can be the answer in emergencies such as these. Due to the creation of the Federal Truth in Lending Act, this is a legitimate option for people such as Julie and Jonathan. The qualification process for a cash advance has been simplified, and people with low to no credit are approved for these advances, even if they do not qualify for a loan via more traditional methods. In addition, a cash advance can provide funds in as little time as the next business day, where a traditional loan may take days to get approved. Yes, there is typically a fee involved, depending on the state in which one resides, but any fee involved is less expensive than missed work, finance charges due to late payments and bounced checks.
Thousands of Americans are in the very same financial situation on a daily basis, a sudden need for emergency cash. These folks can pay these loans back the very next payday; they are solid respectable people who are caught in an impossible situation. Your nearby cash advance provider can be your life-line in such a situation. These professionals understand that bad things happen to good people and are waiting to assist!

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