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Waggaman has 9500 people living within its city boundaries. Waggaman is in the Jefferson Parish right off of the mighty Mississippi River. Waggaman is considered to be part of the New Orleans Greater Metropolitan Area. The average annual household income in Waggaman is $36,000. The average house costs $86,000. Waggaman has a total area of 6.6 miles and is home to 1,690 per square mile. Waggaman was named after a U.S. senator named George Waggaman. George Waggaman and his wife settled in the area on a large plot of land which his wife inherited. They built a plantation and named it Avondale. Today, this plantation is a shipyard and it is one of the biggest employers of local people in the entire Jefferson Parish area, on the outskirts of Waggaman.

Cash Advances Assist Waggaman, LA Residents

Just like Senator Waggaman knew where to settle down many decades ago, so can the residents of Waggaman today. They know they can count on the reliability of a quick cash advance if they are in a jam. An online payday advance from Spotya! will put them back on the right track today! Have your money overnight!