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Shenandoah, LA Cash Advance

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Residents of Shenandoah, LA Know They Have a Choice!

Located in the East Baton Rouge Parish, the city of Shenandoah is filled with about 17,100 residents. Shenandoah offers many things to its residents. With its many different established neighborhoods, Shenandoah has different amenities for the people who live there. There are more than seven established communities in Shenandoah, including, but not limited to: White Oak Landing, White Oak Estates, The Lake at White Oak, The Woods, Shenandoah Estates and Shenandoah Park. The average household income for the residents of Shenandoah is $78,700 and the average price of housing is $179,000. Shenandoah offers fine Cajun restaurants and an abundance of water sports. Because of its close proximity to Baton Rouge, Shenandoah can also offer its citizens some big town attractions without having to travel very far!

Fast Solution Cash Advance Service

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