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Payday Loan Scoop

What is a payday loan? A Payday Loan is a loan provided until your first or second payday that rarely exceeds 30 days, in most cases not to exceed 14 days. It is a high interest loan with no credit bureau check. The rates for this loan are commonly called fees vs. interest. The annual percentage rate could at times exceed 1000% depending on the number of days you have your loan out.

What are some other names payday loans are called? Payday loans often go by a variety of names: cash advance, post-dated check loan, deferred deposit loan, cash loan, no credit bureau check loan, and many other names. When you are online, you will see banner ads with catchy words like fast cash, get funds, cash now, cash quickly, overnight cash, get up to $500, and many more phrases to catch your attention and draw people to the lender’s web site.

How much does it cost?

A payday loan is very expensive if you are comparing it to conventional credit rates. In most cases, you will pay $15-$30 per $100 borrowed for a 14 day period, and the payday loan may even cost more if you are borrowing online.

And it’s no different with many banks. Wells Fargo Bank may charge less per $100 for a direct-deposited advance, but even this can be very costly because the money is taken from your very next direct deposit, which in many cases could be a few days. Like I said, compared to conventional credit, payday loans are very expensive and should be used with caution.

Should I use it to buy a gift or put weekend money in my pocket? Absolutely not! Only in an emergency should you get a payday loan. If you are a frequent user of payday loans it will not take you very long to see how much of your hard earned money you are flushing down the toilet. My advice to you is, only use payday loans under emergency situations and never make a habit of making a payday loan a repeated source of cash.

What are my alternatives? First show restraint and build your credit history. There are many non- profit groups that will work on your behalf to build your credit. Ask your creditors for more time to pay your bills. If you don’t think you are making headway in doing this, again there are companies out there that will help you negotiate for lower payments so you can loosen up that much needed cash. Make a realistic budget. My best advice is to keep a small notepad with you at all times and make a habit of writing down everything you purchase, including coffee, quick snacks, etc. You will see how your spending adds up. If you’re not good at putting this budget together then get help for some financial planning. I’ve always made a habit of getting help from people who are gifted in areas that I’m not. Six months worth of payday loan fees will put an extra $600 in an emergency fund account or get some much needed bills paid off. This will take time, so you must work hard to practice self discipline. It takes 6 hard weeks of practice to create a new habit.

If you need time to get a good head start try some of the following ways.

  1. Ask your bank if they offer overdraft protection. Caution: Many banks have it but if you go into overdraft they will charge you a hefty fee, the same as an overdraft fee, and that can be as much and often more than a payday loan fee. Make sure you ask your bank officer about the fees that may be attached to “overdraft protection.”
  2. I know many people don’t want to go to family members, but if you put together a good plan of action in writing on how you’re going to turn your financial situation around, and let them know how they will get paid back, sometimes family members will help. Remember to show them how you will cut back; if you don’t show them you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices, they probably won’t want to make the sacrifices themselves. So be prepared. If you’re lucky, you might have someone in your family who will be able to help you with financial planning.
  3. Ask your employer if he/she will give you an advance on your payday. Again, if you simply explain your problem, many employers will be sympathetic, especially if you are a good employee and you don’t abuse the privilege. As an employer I would do it for anybody on my staff.
  4. You can try a high-interest credit card, but even this requires some self discipline. Even a high-interest credit card is much less costly than a payday loan. If you discipline yourself to use the fees you would normally pay to a payday lender to pay down your credit card, you will have it paid off in no time at all.
  5. You can turn to Spotya! for help. Spotya! is your first step to getting cash advance payday loans without a credit check. When you need fast cash you can go to to fill out the easy online application and be on your way to getting the cash you need. Once your loan is paid off you can always re-loan for a smaller amount until you are back on track.

The bottom line is that we all get into payday loans because of some emotional purchases we have made in the past. It is perfectly normal to desire something better, prettier, more fun or exciting, but only after we have counted the cost. Many of us also get a payday loan because of some sort of short-term emergency, but often times the root of the emergency derived from foolish spending in the first place. So let’s get the help we need and create the discipline and habits we need to get out of debt. You can do it!