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Pay Day Loans can Come in Handy

Are payday loans good option for your financial need? When you have a short term cash advance need, a cash advance is a good option. Notice I said “Need” and “Short Term”, this type of loan is not a good choice for long term use. Only use it when circumstances require urgent cash, for the short term. Everybody has been in a short term financial crisis at some point in life and it’s during that crisis that pay day loans can come in handy.

Pay Day Loans are not all the Same

You have choices, and there are so many payday lenders to choose from. At Spotya! we’re not afraid to tell you to check out the competition and while you’re at it check out their customer service. Most Payday Lenders don’t even answer their phone. Don’t forget to shop rates also, not all pay day loan lenders are the same and like any other market, the rates are very competitive. By taking a little time shopping online you will see that the rates you get with Spotya! are the most competitive. We are not a direct lender but a loan servicing company that works with Payday Loan Pros, the best direct lender in the industry.

In most cases when we experience a financial crisis we panic and jump at the first choice that come our way. You need someone who understands your financial situation but doesn’t ask a lot of questions. That’s the bottom line. At Spotya! it’s all about YOU the customer. We exist to serve you, nothing is a higher priority than our loyal Spotya! customers.

Spotya! is your Wisest Choice.

Evaluate your situation before getting pay day loans. Can you get the cash from a family member or friend? Maybe you just want to get through your financial crises on your own and don’t want outside help. Whatever your situation, we’re here to help. We’re all about choice around here and as much as we know that Spotya! is the best choice for you, we’ll let you decide. We help you get that cash crisis under control. Most likely the fees that you pay with pay day loans will be less than bank overdraft fees, late credit card payment charges, fees associated with paying your rent or mortgage late. Used responsibly, Spotya! is your wisest choice.

Benefits to a Spotya! Pay Day Loan

  • Fast, Easy, Online Application
  • Safe and Secure
  • Unsurpassed Customer Care
  • Competitive Rates Online
  • Never Hidden Fees, Rates or Interest
  • Cash Promptly in your Account the Following Morning.