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Merrydale, LA Payday Loan

When you have a cash crisis, bills are overdue, groceries are scarce, and rent is due, all at the same time, turn to Spotya! Payday Loan to help you make it through. Sometimes, the bills are due a week before you get paid, or unexpected expenses surface. Spotya! can get you the money you need through a payday advance. Getting a payday loan at Spotya! is easy. Just fill a simple, cash loan application, submit it, and Spotya! will fund your Merrydale bank account with cash¬† funds quickly. Merrydale customers come first with Spotya! and so does Spotya!’s fast loan service!

Merrydale Knows Sometimes a Paycheck Just Isn’t Enough!

Merrydale is a town with over 10,400 residents living within its city boundaries. Located within the East Baton Rouge Parish, Merrydale is filled with hardworking families. Merrydale residents have make on an average of about $30,600 annually. Merrydale is about 4 miles long and has a population density of 2500 people per square mile. The average price for a home in Merrydale is $60,000. Most of the common industries offered in Merrydale are: construction, waste management, and educational services. Merrydale residents are not new to cash crisis, but they know that when the paycheck doesn’t stretch far enough, they can turn to Spotya! for a payday loan to help make it through until the next paycheck.

If the bills are due and there are no funds, go to Spotya! for a payday loan. Spotya! will help out in a cash crunch with a safe payday loan that is just right for you and your budget. Merrydale residents know the value of a trustworthy name and a trustworthy service, Spotya! offers Merrydale both of these in the form of payday loans. Spotya! will get you the online payday loan you need when you need it!