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Idaho Payday Loan Cash Advance Fees, Rates & Interest

Spotya! Loan Fee Calculator

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Spotya! is delighted to provide our payday loan services to Idaho state residents. We take our compliance with all federal and state laws governing the payday loan industry seriously. Your Spotya payday loan agreement will be governed by the laws applicable in your state. In accordance with the Federal Truth In Lending Act, please review this page for our full disclosure of loans fees and the corresponding Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

Maximum Loan Amount

  • $1,000.00

There is No Maximum Fee Amount Set for Idaho Payday Loans

  • Other Payday Loan Companies Charge $25.00-$40.00 per $100.00

Spotya Payday Loan Fee

  • $20.00 per $100.00 (Please see APR above)

Our Loan Terms

Your Spotya! payday loan will be scheduled for repayment on your pay date within the next 7 to 30 days. We do not exceed 20 days loan periods unless you are only paid once per month. Verifiable payroll direct deposit to your checking account is required in order to approve your loan request.

Extensions or “Roll Overs”

In accordance with Idaho state law, you will have the option to extend your loan a maximum of 3 times before payment in full is required. A loan extension requires that you pay the original loan fee and contract with us for a new loan term whereupon an additional fee will apply.

Governing Law Information

Idaho Department of Finance
Consumer Credit Section
700 West State Street, 2nd Floor Boise ID 83702
Ph: (208) 332-8000