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Fort Bragg, CA Cash Advance

For the best in sightseeing, one might consider taking a family trip to Fort Bragg, California. Among the great things about a trip to Fort Bragg is Glass beach that runs along the coast. Many years ago, residents of Fort Bragg used this part of the beach as a dump site for their old and broken appliances, vehicles, and their old glass products. After much cleanup on the part of the community and numerous fires to burn off the piles as they got bigger, it is now a wonderful place for visitors to search for a souvenir.

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As the 400 Fort Bragg acres of what once was the Georgia Pacific Lumber Company stands today, there is much discussion about what it might become. Ideas include a Fort Bragg marine research facility, a world famous Fort Bragg golf course, a Fort Bragg conference center, a much smaller lumber mill, or a college campus.

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