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De Ridder, LA Cash Advance

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In 1893, the Town of DeRidder, LA began With a Cash Crisis!

Back then, Mr. Stilwell probably wished he had Spotya! Cash to grant him a payday advance! But alas, there were no online cash advance lenders like Spotya! Cash’s back then, so Mr. Stilwell had to go to Europe to find financing for his railroad. He found Mr. Dehouyen to fund his railroad ventures, and so, in turn, Mr. Stilwell asked Mr. Dehouyen to name this town. Mr. Dehouyen named DeRidder after his beautiful and much loved sister-in-law, Ella DeRidder Dehouyen. And that is the story of how DeRidder got its name!

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Now the population of DeRidder is over 10,000 and still growing. It is full of beautifully restored buildings dating back to the early 19th century. DeRidder is home to the eloquent Beauregard Parish Courthouse which stands regally downtown. Adjacent to this historic courthouse is the famous “Hanging Jail”. This DeRidder historical landmark was actively used as a jail until 1982. DeRidder is a town rich in unique history!

But, even if it is rich in history, the residents of DeRidder can still suffer from debt. That is when they need to get a cash advance from Spotya!. Cash online advances will help you get back to where you want in DeRidder without setting you back!