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Direct Payday Loans Support Small Short-term Emergency Costs

Direct payday loans offer financial assistance when households are without their own emergency fund. There are some financiers who argue that most households do not need an emergency fund but should invest instead. A PEW study (2007) showed that only 34% of households experienced unexpected costs in the prior year. As much as I admire the research PEW studies do and the finding’s they report, I wonder what they consider an emergency to be. For those people who live paycheck-to-paycheck and struggle to keep up with the rise in living costs, what … Continue reading

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Responsible Payday Loan Companies Go The Extra Mile

With all the payday loan companies offering online short-term loans, how does a person know which one to apply to? Unless there is a referral from a friend or relative about a good lending experience with a certain company, the websites may all look the same. The problem is that they are not all the same and it takes some legwork by the customer to find a good lender from the pages of search engine results. What differentiates payday loan companies from each other? For starters, if you reside in the US, you … Continue reading

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Women Using Payday Loan Lenders and Credit Cards More than Men

Recent results from a PEW study showed that single young women are leading the pack with getting money from payday loan lenders. Well, they came out on top in a study done by Consolidated Credit as well. It seems that single women are more likely to rack up credit card debt too. Consolidated credit has records which show that 70% of the callers, in the last six months, looking for help with credit card debt have come from women. One of the reasons discussed that came out of this finding is that women are still facing … Continue reading

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Payday Loans Online Will Help After Bankruptcy

Payday loans online do help when credit scores are looking bad. Even after bankruptcy, you can still get a payday loan online to help out with emergency costs. It is good that you have a place to go to get some a fast loan, but rebuilding your credit should be your main focus. In order to start rebuilding, a good place to start is with a secured credit card. Payday loans online can help with fast cash needs, but they do not build credit. There are companies who will offer secured credit cards even … Continue reading

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Don’t Pay High Amounts For Low Cost Payday Loans

The price of a payday loan is always in the news. The states are trying to regulate them to protect their residents, other banking industries try to discredit them by focusing on high annual interest for a two week loan, and people are falling into further debt. Online payday loans are usually targeted as predatory by the mainstream news, but their popularity with customers is growing. It isn’t just the online lender who gets the bad reputation for being a predator, but the storefront locations, banks and credit unions who participate in the short-term loaning process … Continue reading

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Payday Loans Do Not Receive All The Customer Complaints

Payday loans are always in the news for some high interest cost. It could be a report about an abusive lender being prosecuted or

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Iowan Zoning Commission Targeting Payday Loans Locations

Once again, zoning issues are in the news and this time it pertains to Iowan low cost payday loans. The Zoning commission is looking into regulating where payday lending companies can be located. Their studies have shown negative effects on communities near their locations. There is always the concern of what is the best way to regulate payday loans locations. Direct online payday loans are not the concern with this study. The Iowan zoning staff are recommending that the payday loan stores be limited to commercial zones, have at least 1,000 feet in between … Continue reading

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Payday Loan Industry Not Involved With Current Lawsuits Against Banks

Some of the heat is off the payday loan industry as banks are being challenged for their overdraft fees. These fees are eating away at the income of struggling families. When an account balance is overdrawn, the banks cash in on the account holder’s error. The error could be for any amount and the bank would charge the same fee. Make the error multiple times without realizing that the account is out of money and get a fee for each overdraft transaction. Banks are now being challenged for this billion … Continue reading

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Cost Effective Fees Promote Online Payday Loan Industry

There are many reports focused whether or not payday loan lenders target poor people. I’m sure there are some companies out there whose practices suggest those actions, but any company who follows state regulation guidelines and are responsible lenders will not be targeting this low income level. Spotya! Online Payday Loan is one of the responsible lenders. The qualification process which Spotya! has set up, will only lend to those who earn at least $17k per year and then those customers would be limited to a maximum loan of $175. … Continue reading

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Payday Loan Leads From Online Auctions

A booming business is coming out of payday loan applications without having to lend any money at all. Payday loan companies, located in stores and on the web, are bringing in loads of loan applicants who fill out personal information on their loan applications. These potential customers are looking for quick cash to help them out of a financially stressful bind and do not necessarily read the fine print on the application. If you see, most often in small type, the words “not a lender” then the business you are … Continue reading

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