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Cash Advance Loans: Not A Peer Pressure Solution

Is trying to keep up with the Jones shackle you to fast¬†cash advance loans when extra spending limits your ability to make cost of living payments? Could you blame the extended high school drama of peer pressure or is it pure envy or jealousy to want what your friends have. The desire to fit in by materialistic standards is a hard habit to break. Cash advance loans are geared for emergency purposes. When peer pressure enters the adulthood, financial problems are always around the corner. Have you ever fallen into … Continue reading

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Cash Advance Loans Are Not The Last Straw to Blame

When a person applies for cash advance loans, whether online or at a storefront, the person’s financial situation is already failing. It can be assumed that there is no savings account, credit cards are maxed out and credit history is too poor in order to be approved for new lines of credit. Financial emergencies or overspending still create bank account problems and people are seeking some sort of solution with a short-term loan. Consumer advocates would love to see this alternative option disappear from the list of options. Do cash … Continue reading

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