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Low Fee Cash Advance

As your cash advance loan servicing company, Spotya! complies with the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) of 1968. This federal law requires lenders to outline credit terms in simple, easy-to-read language. This protects you, the borrower, we disclose up front the loan fees you will pay. There are no hidden fees or charges with a safe cash advance that starts with Spotya!.

Why a low fee cash advance?

If you’re in a cash crisis and need a cash advance, you’ll want to find a lender who can get your money to you quickly, at the competitive cost possible. You won’t be disappointed with the application and funding process with Spotya! Cash. We aren’t a direct lender but partner with a direct lender, Payday Loan Pros, to get you the low fee cash advance that you need.

Our Low Fee Cash Advance is the Best Online!

When you do a little research the various online payday loan companies, you’ll see how favorably Spotya! compares to the others. Because we disclose everything to you and don’t write any extra fees into the fine print, we are your best choice for a low-cost cash advance. Low fees are important when you’re strapped for cash.

When you get a cash advance starting with Spotya!, we’ll automatically deduct the loan amount plus our low fee from your bank account after your next paycheck is deposited. You pay back your cash advance on your next payday. A cash advance from Spotya! can actually save you money. When it’s paid back on your payday there is only the one-time fee, and you avoid those costly returned check fees, power re-connection costs, and late fees on your credit card statement. A cash advance from Spotya! is the way to go.

With a low rate cash advance the interest rate is higher than with a secured loan. It must be paid back in a shorter time period-it will be deducted on your following payday. Some loans are “rolled over,” and that would involve an additional fee which the cash advance lender is responsible to disclose to you.

Low fees are one reason you’ll want to go through Spotya! when you need a quick and easy cash advance. Spotya! works with a direct lender that has minimized the amount your payroll advance will cost you, to make it easy to repay your cash advance and keep your creditors at bay. A low fee cash advance starting Spotya! will just take a few steps on your part. We’ll confirm the information you give us, and your low fee advance will be ready in little time. You’ll have the cash when you need it.

The Low Fee Cash Advance Lender

The most cost-effective cash advance is one with a low fee or low APR rate. When shopping for a cash advance lender, look carefully for extra set-up fees or other fees that often come with quick cash. Compare interest rates. With a dependable Spotya!, your worries can end. We’ll tide you over until your next payday with a loan you can afford. Spotya! makes the process of obtaining a cash advance easy with our simple application form and cash advance at low cost.