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Brown Bag-It to Help Pay Down Cash Advance Lenders

save money to payoff cash advance lenders

Is your budget busting from too much excess spending? Are credit cards and fast cash advance lenders leaving trails of debt that is eating away at your income every month? Your finances will only hold on for so long once debt overtakes lifestyle costs. The sooner you find ways to cut back the quicker you will be on your way to recovery.

Spending habits are something that we pick up on in childhood. We watch our parents and try to keep up with our friends. It is easy to fall into a spending routine that income cannot afford. If you are a person who never brings their own lunch to work, you may not even realize how much money you waste over the course of time. You can eat a healthier diet and save money just by bringing your own bag lunch to work.

Cutting costs will help pay off your debt from cash advance lenders.

This does not say that a brown bag lunch will solely change your finances in the right direction, but it will help make a dent. You could use the money you do save from buying lunch to make a dent in debt or at least prevent additional debt. The money saved could repay your online cash loan debt or keep you from applying for one. Use this cash to build a savings account or pay down credit card debt. What would you do with an extra $100 a month?

Like any other plan, making your own lunch every day may seem like a daunting task for those with a busy lifestyle. It takes planning and dedication to succeed at improving budget matters. Here are 6 tips to start saving on lunch.

1. Buy foods that can be taken to work; bagged salads, fruits and vegetables, soups or frozen meals. There are healthy versions of prepackaged foods if you know where to look. Prep your vegetables when you bring them home so they are ready to grab along with your fruit.  Non-perishables can even be stored in your desk drawer for those rushed days or when supplies at home are low.

2. Make enough dinner to provide a lunch of leftovers. If you are making a big pot of stew or chili, you could freeze individual portions and grab one of those now and then instead of tiring of the same lunch every day.

3. Keep healthy snacks at your desk. You will save on calories and keep from running to a convenience store out of desperation on those days when lunch will not be enough. Keep granola bars, nuts or crackers at your desk to prevent splurging.

4. Get rid of menus stored in your desk, they are too tempting. Let the people in your office know (politely) that you won’t be dining out or ordering take-out with them anymore. It beats having to reject offers every day. They will support your choice. You may even persuade someone to join you!

5. If you are craving a certain type of food that you would have purchased in the past, try making it at home. There are many sandwich options which are easily duplicated at home. Check out what other people bring from home to boost your supply of ideas. Change your menu frequently to avoid buying out of boredom.

6. Don’t use your whole lunch hour to eat. Go for a walk before you eat, read a book or write to a friend. You mind will no longer be focused on just the food and lunchtime will have a whole new meaning.

Keep track of how many days you have found success with this new habit. You will be less likely to forego lunch from home when you know it would destroy your 60 day record. You will also be able to easily figure out how much you have saved in an instance. Sixty days of brown bag lunches at $5 each is $300 extra dollars in your pocket. You may even save more depending on where you at. The $5 is an average of money spent from lunch minus what it costs to make your own.

No more cash advance loan lenders to save the day when that money remains in your bank account. Continue the plan and you will save money towards interest payments and paying down the balance. This is only one example of a way to change your spending ways. It’s a feel good moment when you realize how life is changing for the better. Not only are you eating healthier but your budget will trim down as well.


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