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Cash Advance Lenders Online: Tug-of-War Between Good and Bad

It is often thought that best cash advance lenders online¬†prey on low-income earners. Cash stores are set up in low income neighborhoods and online accessibility together have raised the bar on short-term loan usage. The fight to regulate, limit and even deny accessibility to these loans is a constant battle among those who oppose the loans in general. It doesn’t matter if the lender is from a storefront location or through the Internet, some people look at them as bad money options. If you are for or against these types of fast loans, the industry continues to prosper for a reason. People need alternative money options in order to make it through the month.

Many cash advance lenders online are responsible companies.

It’s true. There are some fraud companies disguised as short-term lenders that accept applications for the sole purpose of collecting fees. If you have ever paid an application fee, then you understand the process. Online applications are easy to fill out. People who are desperate for cash may fill out a few hoping to get anybody to process a loan for them. What they are not considering is that for some companies, collecting your application interprets into revenue. They call it an application fee, but for responsible online cash lenders it is non-existent. That’s right. Good lenders would never charge to accept an application. Upfront fees are not a sign of good things to come.

High interest rates are the subject to more fights. Regulators would like to see this loan limit the interest charge. Since the loan is only set out to be a few short weeks (they average 14 days) the high interest is the only way a lender can afford handing out high risk loans. The good thing about having so many direct lenders on the Internet is that the interest creates a competitive market. States may control interest ceilings, but competitive business marketing will keep others aligned with the competition. Search for lenders with fair prices and NO application fee.

Would putting an end to cash advance loans help?

While the opposition would love to see these shops and online lenders close up for good, this action would leave others is a very difficult position. Not all people hate direct lenders. They may not love them either, but at least they appreciate an opportunity to relieve a small financial emergency before it had the opportunity to bloom into something severe. Problems within budgets have the capability to spread like wildfire. Direct lenders have been known to put out many fires. Without access to these loans, the chances that a borrower may end up with a fraudulent lender or other worse option increases.

Since we live in a free society, just the idea that the government can have so much control over one type of money option becomes a controversial focal point. There are some who fight to keep the loans based on principle. Ideally, if a person is in a need for a cash advance online lender, then they should have the right to choose.

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