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About Holly Petherbridge

I am a Blogger, Web Content Writer, Teacher, Mom. A woman of many hats. As an elementary teacher, I had always encouraged my students to write more. I find myself falling back on my own teaching techniques to share what I know about building and rebuilding personal finances.

Warm Your Budget While Cooling Off Utility Costs

Looking to cool your house off this summer? Wanting to stay warm in the winter? Temperatures will sky rocket to triple digits or stumble below freezing. There are ways you can help keep your utility payments under control. Money management moves beyond the check book and bank account and into practical living. Cutting back does not always mean that you have to give up on your lifestyle. A money-smart household will efficiently help you decrease your utility budget. Cooling and heating budget Fight off cooling and heating costs by properly … Continue reading

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Tips to Lower Your Monthly Transportation Budget Costs

  Do you scratch your head in wonder trying to figure out how much more you can cut out of the budget. With all of the different budget categories, there are many areas to take under consideration. It’s always best to focus on one particular area in order to achieve quality results. In this post, I will focus on ways to cut back and cut out transportation costs. Your lifestyle will also play an important role in how much you pay each month. What kind of car you like vs. … Continue reading

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Downsize to fit your budget

How Can I Cut My Housing Costs to Fit My Budget?

You may have tried to cut corners throughout the month in order to make your budget more productive. It gets tiring when no matter what you do, it seems like there is never enough money left to pay the bills. Your total monthly costs are just too close to your actual income. A budget will not survive on bare bones alone. Living paycheck to paycheck does not leave room for any unplanned expenses. You can only skimp so far on groceries, fuel and utilities. Depending on how much you need … Continue reading

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Why does Lousiana want to end payday loans?

Louisiana Seeks to Place Payday Loans On The Chopping Block

Payday loan stories are often in the news. It isn’t surprising to hear of bad debt stories, law suits against predatory companies or state legislatures working to control the reigns of the payday loan industry. Louisiana is currently working within their communities to take fast cash loans off the table altogether. The government feels that it is time to take this alternative money option away from its citizens. People within the state take an average of over 4 loans each year. Considering the fact that there are plenty of people … Continue reading

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Personal finances can be hurt by peer pressure

5 Tips to Avoid Personal Finance Blunders Created By Peer Pressure

Keeping up with the Jones is not a new trendy lifestyle. We like what we like but we also like what our friends like. Financial peer pressure is difficult when a friend persuades you to spend more than you have. It isn’t always shopping, but trips to movies, out to eat and to clubs that keep your wallet in a tail spin. We have to make the decision to spend more and too often utilize credit cards to keep social status. It’s hard to stay home when everyone you know … Continue reading

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Beware of budget traps

Can Budgets Get Trapped In Reward Debt?

We’ve all heard the excuse, ‘debt-traps’. They are most offered used in reference to reasons, none to their own, why their budget is such a mess. These traps are frustrating, destructive and are often harder than quicksand to escape. The most difficult task in trying to put an end to these problems is to first admit to being part of the problem. A debt-trap begins with the consumer who overuses or even abuses third party money help. Companies make it easy. With enticing offers, personal failures multiply. It takes a balanced budget, … Continue reading

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Pick which payday loan works for you.

Are There Different Types of Payday Loans?

The payday loan industry has evolved over time. Lenders have gone from the streets to their own stores and then advanced to online. Things change so fast now; it’s tough to keep up. Who would have believed even 5 years back that a smartphone payday loan application would ever be possible? It is here. Who knows where it will go to next? During these changing times, direct lenders have evolved not only to keep up with technology, but to also keep up with their customer’s needs. What kind of payday … Continue reading

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Is it time to let yoru budget control your shopping?

Tips to Track Expenses: Get A Handle On The Budget

Extra expense tracking may help steer your budget demands away from an online cash advance dependency. When you take out more than a few short-term loans each year, you will want to start finding a solution right away. Instead of paying the direct lender finance charges, you will keep that money for yourself. How do you back track? You start with old bank statements and any receipts you still have kicking around your purse, wallet, counters or desk. Highlight all checks, debits or withdrawals that are not associated with regular bill … Continue reading

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